ETFE film,ETFE Agriculture film ,ETFE greenhouse film


Our ETFE film is made by thecomplete set of imported equipment. It has the properties of anticorrosive ,weather fastness ,aging resistant ,Good radiation stability,nonstick, chemical stability ,dielectric insulation ,nontoxic and low crock etc.

It is widely used in the fields of Semiconductor ,LED ,FPC,flexible solar cell ,medical packing,construction ,Agriculture etc.

Surface treating ,matting treating,width cutting etc can be done based on buyer’s requirements.


Grade Thickness (um) Width (mm) Weight kg/roll Length (m) Length tolerance (mm) Color Surface condition
25C 25 1250 54.7 1000 +5,-0 transparent Glossy/Matt
50C 50 1250 54.7 500 +5,-0 transparent Glossy/Matt
75C 75 1250 19.2 300 +5,-0 transparent Glossy/Matt
100C 100 1250 54.7 250 +5,-0 transparent Glossy/Matt
150C 150 1250 260+/-13 200 +5,-0 transparent Glossy/Matt
200C 200 1250 350+/-17 150 +5,-0 transparent Glossy/Matt
250C 250 1250 437+/-22 100 +5,-0 transparent Glossy/Matt


ETFE film Technical Data Sheet

Item Unit Data
Specific Gravity g/cm3 1.74
Melting point oC 260+/-10
Tensile strength Mpa >39.2
Tensile Elongation % 200-510
Tear Strength N/mm 170-250
Volume Specific Resistance 1×1015
Linear Dimensional change % +/-5%

General Properties of ETFE film

1.Can be used at high temperature over 200oC

2.Can stop mold bleed

3.Excellent tensile and tear strength

4.Outstanding non-stick

5.Non-toxicity for environment

6.Non flammability

7.Chemical resistance .

8.Weather resistance

9.Solvent resistance

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